Thursday, July 15, 2010

Watch Out!

Umm, is anyone else as excited as I am for Nordy's Anniversary Sale that starts tomorrow?!  There are quite a few pieces I plan on snagging from the catalog and of course I'm sure there will be plenty of unplanned purchases as well {I know my hubby will be oh so thrilled...}.

My birthday is at the end of the month and I've been trying to decide what I want to mark my 27th year.  I'm trying to be rational and pick something that 1. I need and 2. will use or keep for years to come.  Lately I've been on a watch kick.  I definintely hit phases and will wear one everyday for months and then go without for months.  I've always had fashion watches but never a really nice dress watch, but not too dressy.  I want it to be versatile enough to wear on a daily basis.  Of course, I'd love a Michele or TagHeuer but that just won't be happening so I've moved on and am considering these.

love this {now} but somehow it doesn't seem very practical

And just because

oh my...
As you can see I'm not partial to any particular shape.  I feel like it might be wise to get a two-toned watch so that it matches all of my jewelry but I'm not sure.  Does anyone have any recommendations on brand, style, color, etc.?  I'm all ears!
Thank God it's Thursday, I'm looking forward to the weekend and dinner tonight w. friends!


  1. Totally into that Marc Jacobs beauty! Happy early bday and thanks for reminding us about the sale!

  2. I think 2 tone watches are multipurposeful. They match your silver and gold accents. Tag is so nice, pricey, but such a good watch. (I don't own one, but my friend is in LOVE with hers)