Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Autumn Schmautum

It appears that all the blogger chicks I follow are ecstatic about the change in weather. Me, I'll take the road less traveled. I'm not a fan of autumn and it seems like this year my aversion has gotten worse. Perhaps being a year older has something to do with it? Who knows, but the past 2 weeks I've been dreading and sulking about the change of seasons. Last week in VA we had almost an entire week of fall-like weather (no humidity, low 60s) and that was enough for me. If only it could be spring and summer all year round, sundresses and jack rogers are all I need!
In an effort to pull myself out of my "Debbie Downer" slump I'm going to devote this post to focusing on the things I like about fall and try to forget that fall = winter and cold frigid temps are a' coming.
Fall is Fab Reason #1: College Football Tailgates Southern Style - this means lots of time spent w. my sis at ECU games. There's nothing I love more than sporting a super cute purple outfit, partaking in good food, drinks & music before cheering on the Pirates! ECU football = the perfect excuse to head south (away from the northern va insanity I live in) and "relive" my college years through my little sis. Sister time is priceless and these days with us being states apart it's something I oh so look forward to and treasure each time we're together.
Girls just wanna have fun...Carolina Shagging

Fall is Fab Reason #2: My neice's birthday - This little cutie patootie was born on October 30, 2007 and has been such a fun burst of sunshine to our lives. From shopping sprees, zoo trips, training her to kep a bow in her hair and spoiling her rotten I've enjoyed every second with her. It's been fun to plan Auntie/Kaitlynn playdates on a monthly basis and I'm thrilled to be a part of her life.

Fall is Fab Reason #3: Stephen D's (my papa) Birthday - This amazing, selfless, true southern gent, my dad, was born on September 16th. He has been a rock for our family and the best dad a gal could ever ask for. From teaching me the values and morals that make me the woman I am today to father/daughter roadtrips growing up to the gazillon laughs along the way, I thank God everyday for my pops. Next September is a big birthday for him and God-willing we'll be taking him skydiving (Bucket List item) to celebrate it!

Fall is Fab Reason #4: Brunswick Stew - I'm not that big of a soup fan but THIS pot o' perfection, homemade, homegrown stew my mom makes is to die for. It's perfect for those fall days to take the chill off. Luckily for me and my fam, my mom is Paula Deen's twin so she doesn't skimp on anything. Whatever she's cooking or baking she always makes enough for everyone to take home and eat for a week!

Fall is Fab Reason #5: The return of the pashmina - ahh this soft-as-a-lamb little accessory puts the finishing touch on any outfit! It's soft, it's vibrant and nice to wrap around you when you're chilly or just feel like snuggling and the hubby isn't home! This may be a stretch but this could be grown girl's "blankie"! From houndstooth to polka dots there's a favorite for every girl.

So now after really thinking about it, falls not all that bad. It's really winter I can't stand. Until then I'll return to my own slices of heaven and last bit of summer...sweet tea and a homegrown tomato sandwich. B-L-I-S-S!!By the way, if you're looking for some great inspiration for a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e fall decorating ideas check out Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick and Amanda at Imperfectly Beautiful, they've got ya covered!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Introducing Fornash!

Wandering through the mall last week in search of some fabulous jewelry I stumbled across the most adorable store and newest love in my life! The window displays were colorful and fun, enough to make a Lilly lover due a double take. It was all things vibrant and fun yet classy and preppy. So let me introduce you to my newest indulgence...Fornash! This little boutique carries everything from personalized items such as cosmetic bags, coasters, travel mugs and custom-made clutches to chic and fun jewelry perfect for livening up a day at the office or wearing out for a girls night out.

Oddly enough after perusing I stumbled across this bracelet which I went gaga for the day I bought it last year in a local boutique to match this Lilly dress I have. I had no clue it was Fornash and wear it all the time. The quality is amazing and I've received so many compliments on it.

Come to find out Fornash sells many of their pieces to little boutiques in lots of cities all over. So be sure to go here to find a retailer close to you. Once you indulge you're going to be hooked! I planned on buying one piece and instead ended up walking out with these preppy fun finds for a wedding we went to this weekend.

If you live in the DC area a visit to Fornash is V.I.T.A.L. They offer even more great items in their store. Especially if you're looking for that oh so perfect bag for an evening out. They offer oodles of fabrics to choose and design time is about 2-4 weeks. The best part is if you're in a rush you can buy a bag directly off the shelf. And don't forget to sign up for their mailing list to receive insider goodies on sales, promotions and new items. Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Etsy...My New Weakness!

So I know Etsy has been around for a while now, but in the past couple of months amidst some major decorating dilemmas I finally got up the courage to investigate and figure it out. Come to find out it's the first place I go to find something I'm in search of, whether it be a home decor item, gift, jewelry, purse, the list goes on and on.

I'd heard Etsy thrown around occasionally and visited the site but never really understood it. Desperate times seem to motivate me, so about 6 months ago I finally mustered up the confidence and tackled Etsy and realized what I'd been missing out on!

All items are handmade, alot of which are made by moms/SAHMs and the best part is most things can be customized to your exact needs (color, size, shape, etc. etc.). The site is in a lot of ways simliar to Ebay, you can contact the seller, ask questions, etc. except there's no bidding!

Everything I've ordered thus far has been W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite shops and items with ya'll.

This little beaut from Spell It Out Designs took my Etsy virginity. It was
the perfect solution to my lack of space for a chalkboard wall. AND

they were able to customize the size to fit just perfectly on my wall. This chalkboard is a decal so easy on, easy off! Check out all the other great things SIOD has to offer here.

Then I found ITwaddle. They specialize in more decals but these are mostly quotes, expressions, etc. They CUSTOMIZE! Which for me was a saving grace. I have been ordering these boards for wedding gifts, but for my own home I wanted it in decal form. So I emailed them a pic of what I wanted and they said YES! This is an example of just one of the many great things they sell. I customized this with our last name and Established 2006 (our wedding anniversary) and it turned out great!

Looking for some cute and fun artwork for your home or office?
Check out LibertyWorkshop. They sell this in a whole rainbow of colors!

Calling cards and address labels to hairbow hangers CandicenKatiesart has you covered! Great for gifts and the perfect place to treat yourself! Check out these adorable designs.

The possibilities and creative, amazing, fun things Etsy has to offer are ENDLESS! Check it out, before long you'll be like me see no need for a mall! Happy Shopping!