Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Swooning for KS

I've been on a never ending search, for what feels like forever, for the perfect black bag.  I want something that's trendy but classic, leather, functional and has pockets.  My last couple of trips to Nordy's and the like have left me feeling hopeless. 

Until Friday rolled around.  And I got a bit bored at work.  So I decided to venture over to Kate Spade dot com. A week prior I went to the KS outlet feeling confident that I'd find the perfect black bag and was mistaken.  But lo and behold KS didn't fail me twice.
bows art spot varnish maryanne
I'm so in love. But heartbroken over the price tag.  I need a friends and fam discount stat. 

I'm just praying Santa surprises me because it's taking every bone in my body not to give KS my credit card and bring this baby home!!

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