Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Entertaining Bar...long time in the making

When you live in a metropolitan city you immediately give up your need and desire for space. That goes for EVERYTHING! From finding a parking spot that you can easily park anything bigger than a Mini Cooper in, to closet space, cabinet space, FORGET a laundry room, you're lucky to have some room at the top of the washer to put your laundry detergent and fabric softner!

So since moving into our teeny tiny condo in 2007, furniture shopping has been quite an ordeal! As if it's not hard enough to find the perfect piece that so non-chalantly boasts your amazing style, I now have to fight with space limitations too! This little detail, which is a major detail when furnishing any city pad, is the death of me! Right when I find that perfect piece to coordinate with that other perfect piece I learn its 1 INCH too big to fit!!!

We've been in search of the "perfect" bar that meets both requirements since we moved in. And I'm so excited to say that I'm 99.9% sure I finally found furniture that is not only the right SIZE but the right color, style, etc. and is actually functional, because when space is lacking, you have to get creative and incorporate storage into e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

So this is what I've discovered...

Great shelves that hold 8 wine bottles and 10 or 12 wine glasses courtesy of Pottery Barn. Only $134 for the set.

This console has 3 drawers for linens, cocktail napkins, bar accessories, etc.
Obviously the shelves will hang centered above the console. This entire bar only costs $264!!! You can't even get an chair for that these days! I'm psyched about my find. Now I just have to re-measure the wall it's going on and order it and pray it's not backordered or discontinued -- a major phobia I have, given 3 different pieces we've ordered and put deposits on were discontinued after waiting the 6-8 weeks for arrival!!!
I'll let you know how it goes once it's in my posession, safe and sound, and all set up and decorated!! And, I'll also reveal my secret store that I found the console at for only $130!

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