Thursday, December 30, 2010

Here Comes 2011

Once again, I’ve deserted this blog when life got crazy. Here’s to hoping 2011 will bring about a blog recommitment. In addition to documenting our life more frequently and being better about posting pictures, here are some of my hopes and exciting events we have to look forward to in the New Year.

Hopes & Wishes:
To successfully sell our condo
Travel to at least one – Napa Valley, San Fran, San Diego
Revisit Charleston and make it an annual girls’ trip
Attend a Bama football game at Bryant-Denny stadium
Run at least two 5k races, for fun & exercise, one with my mom

Cook more during the week
Adopt some new Crock-pot recipes
Conquer the art of my mama’s Italian Crème Cake & Apple Cake
Master the Nikon D5000 – that’s been sitting in its case way too much (Project 365?)
Finally have a canning weekend w. my mom (hello pasta sauce)
Read more. I’ve collected some amazing reads this year and read none of them!
Be more disciplined about washing my face before bed
Add to my workouts by adding a class 2x week
Spend a day or two hiking at the cabin w. my dad (his 2nd love)
Grow in my relationship w. God
Lose control and live a bit more spontaneously
Host a holiday dinner!
Visit a DC museum, monument, attraction monthly

Looking Forward To:
Annual family beach trip in May
Celebrating our 5th year of marriage in May
Relocating to a new city (agreeable by both parties!)
Charity Galas, specifically Artini (if you’re in DC/NOVA, go!)
Volunteering w. the USO and St. Jude
More girls’ dinners
The safe return of my bro-n-law from Iraq in April!
Winery weekends w. the hubby – King Family, Sweely, Horton, some of our VA favs

*I'm a day late and a dollar short. I had this scheduled to post yesterday as we were en route to Nashville but it didn't cooperate.

I hope you all had a fabulous new years and wish you blessings in 2011.

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