Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why Hello! Catch Up in Pics

Let's just forget I've been MIA for the last 8 months or so and get on with it, shall we?  Here's a brief recap of the goings on before I dive back into regularly scheduled blogging. 
April - we visited Seattle and Vancouver, BC for almost a week.  It is by far one of our favorite cities, right behind Nahsville of course.  And if you are a seafood, sushi or mac n' cheese lover like myself, Seattle is a must! 
Grouse Mountain - Vancouver, BC
Beecher's Famous Mac n' Cheese
  • Annual family vacation to Duck, NC (in the Outer Banks), hubs and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary with one heck of a celebration at the Washington Monument(!), and we put the final touches on our condo in preparation for putting it on the market.
  • Weddings, birthdays, summer fun and putting our teeny, tiny, under 700 sq. ft., condo on the market FSBO!
  • Under contract on our condo and a surprise birthday trip to the beloved city of Nashville complete with a scavenger hunt around town to reveal surprise visitors
My little sis
The. best.bananas.foster.french.toast.period.
The big 2-8 at one of our Nashville favorites, the Stock Yard
  • Hubs' last birthday before the big 3-0, closed on our condo (!), found a new, much bigger, home, moved our stuff to storage, wedding

  • Football season!  Pumpkin spice lattes, lots of home/furniture purchases, winery visits, and best of all the arrival of our 2nd nephew!

I'm excited to get back into the swing of things and document our life! Happy fall y'all!

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  1. Oh my goodness, he is adorable! Congrats on selling and finding a new home! We move into a new house at the end of the month and it is so stressful. That mac&cheese has me drooling--yum!