Friday, April 30, 2010

Derby Day 2010

What's not to love about Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby?
Good food, good company, excitement, big hats, pretty preppy sundresses, beautiful horses and mint juleps!  Oh and crazy hats, too!
I LOVE betting on horse races.  And w. no educated method to my madness, I'd say I do pretty well.  As ridiculous as it sounds I base my bets on 3 things; the horse's name, the jockey's silks and how the horse actually looks.  And I rarely pick the favorite. 
So who's my winning horse for the 2010 race?
Noble's Promise
Here's to good southern food and good times! For you all you VA'ns that are headed to Gold Cup tomorrow, have a fabulous time!


  1. I like that name! That is how i pick the horse too! I pick sports teams based on the name and if I like their jerseys or uniforms! LOL! Have a great weekend girly! Love ya

  2. Love your Derby post! Are you going to the Gold Cup? I have a few friends that are!

  3. Tagged you on my blog today!

  4. And now for the Preakness! I did a list for another site that I write for on Preakness fashion!

  5. Nothing like good Southern Food, fab clothes, hats, and people watching!! Those are some wild hats!! How fun!

  6. Amazing hats! I did go to Gold Cup and it was a great day! xx