Monday, September 13, 2010

Come and knock on our door

This has got to be one of the THE most random blog posts ever.  My husband is constantly amazed at how random I can be.  And because I amaze him so much he often makes me 'retrace' my thoughts to explain to him how on earth I ended up on said topic.  And what on earth made me think of Three's Company?!Anyways. 

Being a 'condo' owner versus a 'home' owner severly limits home decor, landscape opportunities, etc.  We can't deck the halls w. holiday lights or those tacky plastic moving reindeer unless of course we trimmed the hallway, something I'm sure my neighbors wouldn't appreciate it.  One way that I can express myself or our home is through wreaths.  Good old wreaths. 

And since I'm kinda a scrooge when it comes to fall I thought maybe if I found a pretty, fun fall wreath it might make me welcome fall a bit more instead of shooing it away. 
I know the humidity is not enjoyable, but I really love the heat and sun beating down.  What can I say, I'm a summer girl.
This last one is by far my favorite.  How fun for a house full of kids or a teacher?  Someday...have I mentioned my hubby wants 6?  Yes, 6.  That will not be happening!

I still haven't found the one yet.  I'm hoping I can find one wreath that can span the entire fall season.  All of these creations can be found on Etsy.  I didn't add the links but I did add them to my Etsy favorites so if you're dying to know where to buy, email me.

In other news, 3 days before we left for Greece our washer broke.  And it was going to cost $500 to repair.  Not worth it.  So we used our neighbor's washer to get us through and finally had time to price and shop for a new one.  A new washer & dryer turned into replacing all of our appliances.  We were planning to replace all but not this soon and not after a month of travel.  But it was too good of a steal to pass up.
Yay for a fifth burner on the stove to cook giant pots of soups, chili and stew!  We're one step closer to getting our place ready to sell in the spring.  All that's left are hardwoods.

Greece was absolutely, hands-down amazing. I need to get my pics in order and then do a recap, or 20.  The food was slap your mama good.  I ate enough olives and greek salads to last a lifetime. The views and sunsets were out of this world.  We are so blessed to experience it and will definintely be going back.

Stay tuned for a mega blog sale later in the week!  Including Citizen for Humanity jeans, Coach, Lilly, Banana, shoes (NIB), etc.


  1. Seriously, WHERE did you find that 2nd wreath??? I LOVE it! I just sent you an e-mail btw!

  2. I'm gonna need to know where you found the 2nd wreath also! Love it! Coincidentally, I am currently looking for the perfect front door accessory also. Just finished the living room! YAY!

  3. I'm trying to find a cute fall wreath right now, so I will defnitely be getting on Etsy later today to look for one! Love the ones you found!

  4. Love your wreath inspiration photos! LOL at the 6 kids...I could send mine up for a visit and he'd change his mind pronto. ;)

    Thanks for the visit today!