Monday, August 23, 2010


Charleston was absolutely amazing, except for the insane humidity {and I thought VA was bad!} but we didn't let that get the best of us!! It was such a fun girls trip and my sister was totally suprised. 
We started off our morning on Saturday with pedis and I discovered two new polishes that I just had to share. 
Essie Saint Lucia Lilac

Essie Saint Barths Blue

I'm not normally and purple and blue polish kinda girl but these two colors won me over. 

I also discovered this amazing band while in Charleston.  They. rock. and play everything from rapping Nelly to belting out Springsteen.  Total crowd pleasers.

Very sad I'm no longer in Charleston but excited for Greece in 4 days!
Hope y'all have a good week!


  1. I'm loving that polish color!!

  2. SOunds like fun! Miss you- sorry I haven't been around lately- I am slapping myself on the wrist for it right now! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for visiting yesterday!