Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life is good, the grass is green, the good Lord's smiling down on you and me

So true. This past month has been a whirlwind, what can I say the story of my life! Lately I haven't had time to do the little needed things, like pick up my dry cleaning that has been at the cleaners for a few weeks now (and there's 3 new dresses tailored and pressed calling my name to wear them) and I still can't find the time! But I'm not complaining. The past month has been filled with lots of fun times.

The week of September 28th I broke my phone. Let's just say in the midst of a major hissy fit my blackberry broke. I won, it lost. I was enjoying my new found freedom of being unreachable. Until Tuesday, 29 September. My little sister was in dire straights trying to get a hold of me to tell me she got ENGAGED and here I am wandering around phoneless as if I don't have a care in the world. Lucky for me she caught me on the hub's phone so she didn't have to wait too long and I was still the 2nd person to find out. I'm so excited for my sis, and thrilled to be gaining an amazing little brother!! Aren't they just the cutest!! Congrats Ash & Kyle!! I've been tasked not only as the MOH but the wedding planner. But hey, I'm not going to pass the opportunity up!

The week of October 5th I was shipped off to Milwaukee for work. Not the most ideal place to go, especially since I missed out on the Maui trip last year. No, I'm not bitter at all! The hubby came along for some free 5 star meals and frigid temps. It was in the low 40s with a blistering wind the entire time. Most memborable/idiotic part of the trip...the hotel offered complimentary bikes and me being the genius that I am thought it'd be a great way to 1. see the city 2. quickly get to the Cheese Bar we wanted to check out, which was supposed to be 0.68 miles away according to MapQuest. 30 minutes later, no gloves and hat and frost-bitten fingers and we gave up and ate lunch at a local brewery. Lunch was great but braving the wind to get back to the hotel was a bear. I was glad to be back in VA and was greeted by sun and temps in the 60s wooh!

Last weekend we hit the pavement and headed SOUTH, the best direction in the entire world! We decided to live vicariously through my little sis and attend ECU's homecoming. It was a blast, the weather was beaut and it was a nice retreat from the torrential downpours VA was having all week. As usual, the South never dissapoints. We got our fill of real sweet tea, hushpuppies, barbecue and my all time favorite, FRIED OKRA!! And I got my fill of pine trees, until my next return! And we surprised ourselves by realizing we still have it in us to begin tailgating at 7am and stay awake until the wee morning hours of the next day. Aside from the millions of laughs and fun with my sis, her fiance and roomie we found our newest love.

The Freedom Grill and plan to get one just as soon as we get a tow hitch. This thing is the queen of all tailgating grills!!

Bright and early at 7am setting up.
My future bro kicked things up a notch w. the first keg stand of the morning. Unfortunately, my hubby had to follow suit...

Game time....ARRGGGHH!! Of course the Pirates managed to slaughter Rice, 49-13. Way to go Pirates!!

All good things must come to an end!

Saturday we're headed south {again} to visit this little cutie, our favorite niece, to celebrate her 2nd birthday and deliver this sweet ride.
Happy Birthday Kaitlynn, we love you!!

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