Monday, January 11, 2010

Good Stuff, Read Up!

Happy Monday bloghers!  My day started off crappy but has since turned itself around. : ) The hubs asked me what kind of mood I was in when I was waking up, I was thinking why in the heck is he asking me this?!?!, and then he dropped the bomb that we had no hot water.  UGHHHHHHH, have I mentioned I hate condo living?!?!  A cold shower is a surefire way to get me in a rotten mood.  Moving on, I didn't let it ruin my morning, afterall it's RESTAURANT WEEK!!  Then I opened up my dashboard and remembered that its Bon Bon Rose Girls birthday and to celebrate they're having an entire week of giveaways starting with 4 today!!!  If you haven't checked them out head over and sign yourself up to win something fabulous.

My weekend was relaxing and fun.  On a whim, Saturday afternoon I headed down to the RIC to see one of my best friends, catch up and do some shopping at my favorite Richmond stores that DC deprives me of

I was so proud of myself, I only spent $19!!! Big spender, I know!  It was so much fun and made me really miss Richmond. Yesterday I hit up the gym, after a 2 day reprive, and then went to church and ran some errands.  Did anyone do anything exciting?!?! 

I hope y'all have a good week!


  1. Do we live in the same place girl?! This morning we didn't have any either. Whats up with that? Hope your having a great day! XOXO

  2. Unless you count organizing and sorting little girls' clothes in two messy little rooms, then no I didn't get to do anything exciting this weekend. ;) I haven't been to the last two spots in your photos, but I don't go to RIC often. Looks like fun! :)

  3. Sorry for the cold shower! Mondays are just awful!