Thursday, January 28, 2010

Getting the Itch

This cold weather and all the hype over the "S" word is causing me to itch.  Itch for warm weather and a return to my normal weekend routine.  There's very little I like about living in this northern town but spring Saturdays are refreshing and give me a little piece of southern, down-home comfort that I love.
It starts with a cup of this

Followed by a morning of lots of these

Then an afternoon spent at one of my all time favorite places, Eastern Market.

And it ends w. a little homemade

Anxiously awaiting the return of the sweet sunshine!


  1. Ohhhhh that sounds lovely!! It sounds like we're getting snow here this weekend and I'm not sure how I feel about it. After our 18" we got right before Christmas, I just don't think I can handle that again. I wouldn't mind being snowed in this weekend... but I would like the snow to magically dissapear after that :) Those pictures warmed me up a little bit, and reminded me there is light at the end of the coldy dreary tunnel :)

  2. Oh, that sounds so nice!!! Virtually impossible b/c of the "entourage" I'd have with me, but nice just the same. :) I love love love garage sales.

    Never been to the Eastern it just food and flowers, or do the vendors carry other things?

  3. I wanna go to the Eastern Market. Booooooo