Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let's Talk Clothes (and Weather and the Weekend)

Edited to include the 'where to buy' info.
Ahh, the 3 day weekend was just what I needed!  Saturday I got into the new year cleaning and organizing mode and accomplished quite a lot.  The hubs was sure to point out my random cleaning patterns. He made sure to draw specific attention to how I cleaned and organized the linen closet, coat closet and electrical closet with individually labeled plastic containers for everything.  He then reminded me that I made sure to clean and focus first on all the places no one sees except us!  Haha, well it made me happy!  I'll admit that when I clean, in order to keep myself engaged, I randomly clean something that I think is "fun" (like putting together a headband tub and an "all things mani/pedi" container).  In all reality my hubs should thank me because now I'll save him from looking for his razors in the "mani/pedi" container, ha!  I guess I have cleaning ADD.  I furthered my domestication diva skills by making homemade turkey chili on Sunday.  And it was divine.  It was a runny, gloomy Sunday so it was the perfect pick me up and football food.  I did 50 more loads of laundry and then rounded out the night w. an amazing sermon at church (leaving in the best mood and feeling so inspired) and a delish dinner at P.F. Changs.  I was so proud of myself for foregoing the orange chicken and instead getting the healthy choice, mahi mahi, which was a 1/3 of the calories.  Yesterday the hubs and I ventured to the mall (with every other Northern Virginian) to return a few things from Christmas and find a new coat for the Mr., which I'm proud to say after 1,549,384 shopping trips we suceeded.  Thank you Bloomies. On our way there, Xavier informed me just how gorgeous it was outside.

Yes peeps, you're reading that correctly, 60 degrees {and sunny} in VA yesterday!

We then hit the gym and came home for a scallop dinner.  The hubs then made my night, while ironing his clothes for work he asked me what I was going to wear and ironed mine (!!).  It was the sweetest thing and made me feel so loved.  It's all about the little things.

Check out these fabulous finds I stumbled upon while at the mall.  They will be making their way into my closet soon, very soon, especially since I just cleaned it out and made room.

INC Beaded Cardigan

I want this in the blush pink but couldn't find a pic, you get the idea.

Tarjay {Merona} Alex Pleated Top (also available in yellow, white & black)

Enzo Angiolini Mielee Pump

Snagged this at Tarjay for only $15!! 

Have a great week!


  1. Oh my word. 9 years ago, I would have totally snagged that bikini!! So cute. :) You had a good weekend. I totally have cleaning ADD too, and it's much much worse if I have my iPod going b/c then I start singing and dancing and then I forget what I was doing. ;)

    Yes, you can get disposable icing bags, but mine are the kind you wash out and keep. I think it's more cost friendly to do it that way. :) They are super easy to use!

  2. I LOVE that bathing suit.

    You have such a cute blog lady & I love your background. Now following :-)


  3. Cute finds, do tell where they're all from!

  4. i love that pink top!! where did you find it!?
    totally jealous of the 60 degree weather you had!! lucky! ;)

  5. thanks for updating lady! i'm going to target today to look for that adorable pink top!!