Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just Another Tiresome Tuesday...

I've got nothing, except a long day of work ahead, but I did have a hot shower this morning!!  I have sewing class #2 tonight, hopefully we delve into the verb tense of "sewing" instead of talking about the noun.  The first project is a tote bag. 

I'm going to give it to my mom for mother's day since she gave me the classes for Christmas.  I figured she'd appreciate the sentimental value of my first sewing project. Depending on how atrocious simple the bags turns out, I may have it personalized with her initials to spruce it up.  Surprisingly, or at least to me, all the girls in my class are my age or younger!  I couldn't believe there wasn't any moms or nanas in there.  I'll keep you posted on how the bag turns out.

Here's what I'm looking forward to today:
- 5pm
- sewing class
- Biggest Loser (!!!)
I lead a very interesting life, I tell ya! 

P.S. - Did you see this?!?!  It's supposed to debut tomorrow.

Bon Bon Rose Girls are having another giveaway, or 3, today in celebration of their blog's birthday.  Check it out!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. I took sewing lessons a couple of years ago. I had so much fun.

  2. my life is even more interesting, all i'm looking forward to tonight is american idol and dinner! haha!!
    have fun at your sewing class!
    p.s. new follower :)

  3. How fun! I would love to learn to sew! Can't wait to see how your bag turns out. Your momma is going to love it! XOXO

  4. I would LOVE to take a sewing class! What fun! And how sweet that you're gonna give the final product to your Mom. : )