Monday, December 7, 2009

My Advent Calendar!

I'm joining in Kimba's DIY Day over at A Soft Place To Land. Ever since I stumbled upon Buzzing of a Queen Bee's advent calendar last year I was determined to make my own. It was so stinking cute and looked pretty easy. "Technically" I had an entire year to make it but it didn't happen until this weekend. Nevertheless I don't think my hubby minds since he gets 6 days in 1 in order to catch up. Saturday morning we woke up to snow(!) so it was the perfect day for a festive craft. Here's what I needed to make this super cute calendar.
-24 paper mache boxes (in various shapes and sizes)
-holiday scrapbook paper
-1 picture frame (12x14 for me)
-Mod Podge
-24 goodies to stash inside
-hot glue gun
-exacto knife
-sponge brush
I started by spray painting a "natural" wood frame with Rustoleum's Colonial Red.

Next I took the cardboard insert and covered it with scrapbook paper to make the base for the calendar. Then I cut out the scrapbook paper for the lids of the paper mache boxes. My "type A" self was telling me to cover the sides of the boxes w. paper too but my lazy bone took over. Cut the paper to fit the tops using an exacto knife (scissors and tracing will work too). Once you have all of the paper cut figure out the layout for your boxes.

Since I was only able to find one star box I decided to make that Christmas day. After you figure out the layout start applying the Mod Podge to the lids and paper. Tip - a little goes a long way. I got a little MP happy so I applied MP to the lids as well as to the back of the paper. Then once I placed the paper on the lid I applied a thin coat over the paper for a glossy finish. Set them out to dry.

In case you have preferences as to where each paper should go lay them in order to dry. Next, using my glue gun I glued all of the bases to the background.

I let the lids dry for about 30 minutes then I put them on. And no art project would be complete without ribbon. I finished off the calendar by making a ribbon hanger complete w. a box. Fill with your favorite treats and you're all set! (If only Starbucks gift cards would fit inside!)

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  1. Oh, this is so darling! I'm in the process of making one using baby food jars, but I love the one you made!