Monday, February 1, 2010

Just call me Paula

So the weatherman was right, it snowed on Saturday, about 4 inches to be exact, which made for a perfect day to wrap up in my Uggs and comfy pants and tackle my inability to bake edible cookies.   I was determined to turn my "won't break even when thrown against a brick wall" cookies into fluffy, melt in your mouth yummies.  I can ecstatically report that it was a success and I broke the curse!  I'd like to think it was all due to my awesome skills but I think it was in large part due to a few things; complete luck, my cute apron, some good tunes, and a peppermint mocha, all essentials when baking.  I'm so bummed I forgot to take a picture of the soft, chewy goodies when they were finished, but I swear they exist.  I also managed to make my mama's infamous brunswick stew and banana and blueberry pancakes for the hubs Sunday morning.  Chocolate chip cookie dough = heaven in a bowl.
After baking I started the long, tedius, time-consuming process of making 1 of 2 "untraditional" topiaries. 
I'm making two for my sister's bridal shower.  Although these are super easy, be sure to have your patience out because you're going to need it.  About an hour or so into it I decided I needed some entertainment so I watched one of my favorites, Steel Magnolias, which I hadn't seen in forever. It. was. glorious.  That's about all besides dinner w. the hubs, winning Scrabble twice, going to the gym and lots of vegging out.  I know I lead such an exciting life!
Hope everyone has a fabulous week. 

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  1. i love steel magnolias!! one of my favorite movies, for sure!!
    i love being lazy and doing nothing! there is nothing wrong with that dear :)
    i want to see the finished topiaries!! and maybe a "how to".....looks so pretty in that first photo!!