Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Garden Party Giveaway!!

Are you as excited as I am?!?!
As promised, sick or not, it's time for my first giveaway in celebration of 100 posts (almost)!  While trying to be original, incorporate a few of my favorite things and celebrate that spring is almost here, I decided what better theme to run with than a garden party giveaway!  Below is the loot that will set you on your way to hosting a fabulous garden party w. your besties.
Garden Party Giveaway includes pink monogrammed serving tray, green lattice stationary, Caspari polka dot plates, Lilly Pulitzer Taboo Lunch Napkins, Table Cards & Drink Umbrellas.
Note: the tray will be MONOGRAMMED for the winner w. their initials.

Picture your mongram!

There's only 3 stipulations.  1. You must be a follower.  2. Leave a comment telling me who you'd invite to you garden party, what one must-have food must be served and if you could invite a celeb who would you extend an invite to. 3. Tell me what you would like to see more of on my blog.  I'm keeping it easy, everyone will receive 1 entry.  The giveaway will close when I post my 100th post (which technically will be in 2 days, i.e., 2 posts, but if you know me at all you know that you may very well have a week since it may take me that long to reach the 100th post!). Don't wait, get your name in now!

Thank you again to all you lovely ladies for hanging with me and getting to know me as I share a little glimpse into my life with y'all.  I've truly enjoyed getting to know each of you through your blogs and I look forward to many more laughs, conversations and friendships!
Good luck!


  1. 1. I am a Follower
    2. I'd invite my closest friends from my MOPS group...and Jennifer Garner or Reese Witherspoon. We'd have quiche, fruit salad, chocolate croissants, and muffins. :)
    3. I'd like to see more about what you like to do up in NOVA. I can live vicariously through you. ;)

  2. PS. If you have any suggestions for lunch, I am all ears!!! So many of the great spots are small and won't work for a big group. :( Here are some ideas: La Petite Auberge (don't know if they charge for their private dining room), Capital Ale House, Jake and Mike's, Brocks (kind of pricey lunches)...

  3. What a fabulous giveaway!! I would definitely invite my best friends and my momma to my garden party :) If I could invite a celebrity it would be Sarah Jessica Parker, and I would insist that she bring her precious little boy! And we must have chicken salad croissants, yummy!

  4. 1. I'm a follower!
    2. I would invite my best friend & her beautiful baby girl. I would extend an invite to Kate Hudson. We would have some of my grandma's chicken salad croissants, cheese log, sweet tea & sherbert for dessert!
    3. Pictures! I love lots of pictures on a blog!

  5. 1.) I am a follower.
    2.) I would invite YOU to the party since we still haven't had our lunch date! :) Sweet Tea, Pigs in the Blanket and Chick Pea Salad are must haves, and I would invite Mike Rowe (weird, I know), but I just love to hear his voice.
    3.) We need more pictures on your blog! NOVA has to be an exciting place even though we both despise it.

    P.S.- Can we please save a date and stick to it? :) Cheesecake Factory is patiently waiting!

  6. LOVE this!!

    1. i am a new official follower :)
    2. i think i'd invite my small group from my provisional year. i love the ladies and a garden party seems right up their alley! i think i'd invite reece witherspoon. she seems like she'd be fun to talk to and would appreciate a party!and everyone needs mimosas t a garden party!
    3.i always love reading about bloggers "favorite things" household products, etc.

  7. 1. Great giveaway and of course I am a follower!
    2. I would invite my mom, nanny and sister-in-law because I don't get to see them as often as I want. However, if i did invite a celeb it would be rachel mcadams because i think she is awesome and i would serve good old southern punch with some great marinated fruit and small quiches!
    3. I love your blog the way it is. If i had to chose and i mean had I would say I want to hear more about your passion! What you just LOVE to do!

  8. What a fantastic giveaway, girl! Here goes:
    1. I'm definitely a follower
    2. I would invite my mom, my best friend Donna, Oprah, Martha Stewart and Paula Deen!
    3. I would just like to see more great posts like you always do! I think you're doing things just right!

    Happy St. Patty's Day!!

  9. What a great giveaway!! I am a follower for sure!
    ~I would have to invite Macy and we would eat her favorites...grilled cheese and blueberry muffins {haha}
    ~I guess if we could invite any celebrity we would go with Reese Witherspoon and her daughter Ava.

    Congrats on 100!! And thanks for letting us all join in on the fun! Good luck all! xoxo

  10. What a cute and original idea for a giveaway. I may have to 'borrow' it. ;-)
    1. I am a follower (and fellow Northern Virignia dweller)
    2. I would invite my good friend SMH and her twins. The boys love dogs and I know they'd love running around my backyard with my Preppy Puppy.
    3. I think your blog is great as is but I agree about more pictures- you can never have too many.

  11. A am a new follower! Love your blog and looking forward to reading more! I am a huge fan of all things bright and colorful, so this set would be perfect for me! I would love to invite my closest girlfriends and my mom to my garden party. I would make a some sort of fresh fruit dish or banana bread, sorta like a brunch. The celeb I would like to invite is Oprah or Kate Spade. That would be a lot of fun! I love your blog so far so nothing to change!

  12. 1. I'm already a follower

    2. I would invite some of my closest friends so we can have girl talk and just giggle the whole time :) Hmmmm a celebrity to invite.. that is a tough one! Instead of having a girl that can join in on the party- I think I have to say Dave Matthews.. he would be a perfect soundtrack for the party :)

    3. I already love your blog! Maybe just MORE- more posts, more pictures, more of everything!

  13. 1. I'm of course a follower!
    2. I would invite my cousin who is going through a hard time and try to cheer her up.
    3. Keep doing what you're doing. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! :)

  14. 1. I am a follower :)
    2. If I was hosting a garden party I would invite my mom, my aunt arlene and my 2 best friends MAP and BAH. If I could invite any celebirty it would be carrie underwood (southern, classy yet modern, and down to earth). One food that is a must to be served my grandma's ambrosia salad...light, fluffy and delicious!
    3. What I love most about reading your blog is the wonderful sales and "favorites" you put up. Your taste is FABULOUS! keep sharing your shopping secrets/finds!

  15. 1.New follower from southern mommas,...
    Super cute giveaway !!!
    2. I would invite all the southern mommas group so we could meet in real life and my granny so all you ladies can meet her. Celeb
    would be sandra bullock -true southern gal
    3. I would serve all of granny's recipes- chicken salad, pimento cheese, cuke sandwiches, sweet tea , pink lemonade ... mini pecan pies and lemon bars for dessert -ok now i'm hungry ;)