Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Anything for Money

Kate Gosselin's latest gig...
You've got to be kidding me! I used to enjoy this show.

As for the Bachelor, boo Vienna but yay for Ali being the new bachelorette!


  1. Ugh I don't like Vienna AT ALL. But I love me some Ali!

  2. Ugh, Kate Gosselin! I just saw this on another blog was like you have got to be kidding!

  3. I about fell outta my chair last night!

  4. I wish they'd chosen someone new and fresh. This Bachelorette/Bachlor cast goes back like 5 seasons! Time for something new. I actually started to really dislike Alli during the whole Vienna catfight thing. Now, I am NO fan of Vienna's (and I think Jake is insane...can't believe what happened last night), but I think Alli showed a real immaturity with her behavior, and only seemed to own up to it later on TV. :s

    As for DWTS, YUCK! I can't believe they're putting Kate Goselin on. Can we say "overexposure"????! Who did they say is the final "surprise" guest? Did you notice the celebrity cast is noticeably smaller this time??

  5. Completely agree with you on Ali. I was so mad that jake choose vienna. I mean, hello, his own family didn't even like her. I kinda feel sorry for her who wants to know going into a marriage that her mother-in-law doesn't like you. Anyway, off that subject- dancing with the stars- i am kinda excited about it because it seems to be a good cast and as far as kate- she will be gone like the first day