Friday, March 26, 2010

L.L. Bean and Baby Kenzo...Quite a Combination

I'm not a big fabulosity fan but I find it mind boggling how I completely missed the fact that Kimora Lee Simmons is not only remarried but she also had a baby {boy} Kenzo! Did anyone else completely miss this(?), tell me I'm not alone!  Sadly, I check out almost daily for my dose gossip and still missed this.  Had I not been channel surfing last night and glanced at her show I could have very well never known. 
On a completely unrelated note, has anyone seen the "summer" L.L. Bean catalog?  LLB has really stepped up its game and has quite a few things I just have to order. I'm really impressed and surprised.
I swear I'm not crazy and that these two items were pink, green and navy in the catalog...only 57 days until the BEACH!!

Take off an inch and we have a deal

I'm so glad it's Friday, this has been a long week.  It's the first 5 day week I've worked in quite a few weeks.  I know I live a hard life. We have two great events to look forward to.
Tomorrow night is Artini 2010!  One of my favorite events to attend.  The gala features 12 of the best mixologists in DC that compete to make the most artistic martini inspired by current works at the Corcoran.  Dancing, cocktails, and great friends all while benefitting a great cause.  
This weekend is also the Junior League of Washington's Tossed & Found event. Drink your cup of Martha Stewart and get ready to bargain shop.
Any exciting plans for you?!?! I hope all you lovelies have a fantastic weekend! 


  1. I know! She had a baby, crazy!! I was shocked too. Have a wicked weekend lady! I am off to work lots and get things done before the fiance visits next week :) Yay! xx

  2. I sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. My dh and I are heading out to my favorite restaurant tonight. I can't wait!

  3. This post made me think of my own LL blog. They are similar... in a round about way!

  4. Oh wow! I totally missed that and love the finds! I can;t wait for summer time. me and the hubby are already trying to decide where we want to vacation this year! The even sounds like tons of fun! Would love to see pics!

  5. You have a little surprise on my blog! Come check it out!