Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lilly Love and Sunshine

I am on top of a pink and green rainbow right now!  I snagged this dress for $108!!!!  Yes it is authentic, yes it has tags, yes its brand new and yes 108 U.S. dollars!  I've been eyeing it since the moment Mrs. LP introduced it for spring. 
I've just totally gone and made my own week. 

Other things I'm digging for my most favorite season of sun, fun, Firefly sweet tea and sand

And since I'm dreaming I'll take some new stationery too!
I think I have a thing w. wellies and rain because I found the most adorable polka dot rainboot vases at Homegoods for spring.  Wish I had a snapped a pic! And I snagged this bargain from Garnett Hill.
What are y'all swooning for this spring?!?!
I think I'll go for a walk outside now the summer sun's callin my name...or work is!


  1. I only have one top that's Lilly. I feel like I should expand my collection. LOL Love the dress!

  2. First off, LOVE your blog! I saw the pink and green and just knew I had to follow, haha!

    I'm a southern girl too and sure am missing the sunshine and warm weather right now! SOOOO ready for spring!

    I'm looking forward to my cute, strappy heels and favorite tea-length Lilly skirt!

  3. I left you a little something at my place!

  4. Oh I miss warm weather- where are you? I love you so much and if you don't come out to play I might pull my hair out! However, those boots are killer so if its got to rain then by all means why not look stylish!

  5. So ready for warm weather, sun and cute dresses and open toe shoes!!! And I am ALWAYS a sucker for new, cute stationary! Love the ones you picked out - great taste!

  6. Love the pics! AND I just did a post on wellies, I;m so getting like 3 cute pairs for our rainy Springs here in Seattle:-)

    New follower glad I found your blog!

  7. Love that yellow dress. Just saw one last weekend like that by Calvin Klein. PERFECT for spring!