Friday, February 19, 2010

Cupcakes Sisters Big Debut

Exciting news for fans of Georgetown Cupcake's delectable treats!!
The ladies behind the fabulous sweet confections at Georgetown Cupcake will be making their tv debut on their newly negotiated, reality-show, Cupcake Sisters, which will air on TLC this summer.  AOL TV reports that "'Cupcake Sisters' (working title) will follow the real-life stirrings within Georgetown Cupcake, an establishment in the shadow of Georgetown University; the "cupcakery" serves fancy confections to the movers and shakers of the Nation's Capital. Only two years ago, proprietors (and siblings) Katherine Kallinis and Sophia LaMontagne left non-foodie careers to follow the frosting...TLC has stopped short of a baker's dozen with 'Cupcake Sisters,' ordering just six episodes for its initial run."
Source Nakeva Corothers
Congrats to the talented sisters, it doesn't get much sweeter! I think this calls for a celebration, cupcake style!
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


  1. Neat!!! I have a confession...I've only been to Georgetown twice that I can think of. How pathetic is that?! DC traffic scares me.

  2. That so exciting! Remember when the Cake Love guy had his own show?

  3. YUM! Those look soooooooo delicious and adorable!