Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Iron Snob

Call me crazy but I am extremely picky when it comes to irons.  Not straightening but clothing irons.  Does anyone else have this issue?  Since taking up sewing, it seems this finicky fetish has gotten worse.  I cannot stand irons that don't steam or have the ability and just. plain. suck.  It drives me completely insane!  My mom's iron is famous for not steaming very well and so my clothes always look wrinkled after ironing them.  And everytime I'm "home" its always for something important or a holiday so I need to be looking good not wrinkled. It drives me up the wall and I swear to myself I'm going to buy her a new iron and then I forget until the next time I'm ironing my clothes at her house.  
Anyone else care to join me in my iron snobbery?
Currently the iron that made the cut that gets used on a daily basis is this one
Rowenta DX1900
Yeah he was a bit pricey but SO worth it.  I love it because 1. it does a darn good job of steaming and 2. because the cord retracts and its easy to store.  Prior to upgrading we had this guy and loved it. 

Rowenta DX1700

Does anyone else have any really weird cleaning/household fetishes?!?!  How did today's post end up being this random?!?! I'll never know.  And yes, it's 1:30pm and this is all I came up w. for today.


  1. Oh my. I have a problem with irons. As in I forgot to turn one off once. Not a pretty picture. So, I stick to a steamer. :)

  2. Okay first of all I LOVE your blog. It is beautiful it really is. Thanks for visiting me and following. I am now following you and I am so glad we found each other. Sounds like we both like to cook. Glad you liked the cookies and THANK you for reminding me about the baking time. I need to go back and edit that post- opps! Oh well, it sounds like you knew what to do! Hope you have a great week!

  3. I am glad that you posted about irons, because my iron sucks! I need a new one, and I definitely learned the hard way that you shouldn't buy cheap irons. So, which one should you recommend for me?!

  4. I have had some brawls with irons. Bad ones can so easily ruin your clothes!

  5. i have iron anxiety. i avoid that chore at all costs! don't know why since my mom rocked at it! i have one but no idea if it's any good! ha ha
    you've got a new follower!