Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dilemma? Yeah, I've Got One.

I'm joining Amanda's Decorating Dilemmas party since I've got a dilemma that I just can't seem to rid myself of.  Meet the dreaded entryway wall...
This is the first thing you see when you open our front door and step inside our house.  It's narrow, it's short and to make matters even more tricky, the circuit box is also smack dab in the center of the wall. 
{Please ignore the ugly marble.  That's getting ripped up and beautiful hardwoods will be taking their place.}
I've tried to come up w. every solution possible to make this wall (on the right) cute and inviting yet functional.  And everytime it's been a big fat FAIL.  I really wanted a small table on this wall to stash keys and things when we come in the door but it just ain't. gonna. happen.  The depth of the wall is only 10 inches and then after you allow for the trim it really only leaves about 8.  Try finding an 8 inch table.  So then I moved onto hanging storage.  I looked at everything from corner storage to regular and nothing works.  It just makes it feel too cramped when you come in the door.Then I had this picture hanging above the key holders trying to disguise the ugly circuit box but it was too high and so I took it down.  So I've just decided to grin and bear it.
I found a triple hanger fleur de lis hanger and ripped them apart, spray painted them and put our initials on them and called it a day. At least we're able to hang out keys by the door.  I. give. up. 
I'd love to hear your suggestions and tips for making this hated wall into one that's functional, that I can refrain from cursing at everytime I come home.  It's awful to think the first thing we see when we walk in is a circuit box.  The architects and engineers who designed our condo were just brilliant.
I'm off to bake an apple pie and eat the whole thing to drown my sorrows and praying for a miracle solution.


  1. I feel your frustration! We have a teeny entry way too, and it's hard to handle!

    To cover your electric panel and still make use of those adorable fleur-de-lis hangers, what about a large frame on a piano hinge? You could do a cork board or something similar in a frame that would cover the wall from side to side and a good few inches above and below the electric panel, then mount it on a piano hinge so you can swing it open to access said panel.

    Mount the fleur-de-lis hangers on it and you've got function & eye candy. You could also use it as a spot to pin mail/reminders etc.

  2. First of all, love the little hooks! What about a big picture or chalkboard to cover up the circuit box? Like the one I made here:

    Or that my friend Brittany did here - you could add those hooks to the bottom of this one:

    It would be something easy to remove when you needed to access the box and it would pretty up your entry way! :)

  3. Ditto what Nicole said!! The corkboard is a great idea b/c then you'd have a cute spot to stash a small calendar, invitations, or business cards. The fleur de lis pair could go at the bottom?

    Don't worry...keep calm and carry on. ;) Thanks for linking up!

  4. Make a little shelf and mount it with cute corbels at table height. Check out this one from BH&G for the basic idea
    Then, I would definitely hang something on the wall above it to cover the box. Instead of something just barely big enough to cover the box, make it pretty much the width of the wall (with a little space on either side, of course)...a mirror, artwork, chalkboard or corkboard would all work. For as infrequently as you would need to access the box, it wouldn't be that big a deal to just take it down when necessary.
    I see an outlet on that wall; put a cute little accent lamp on the shelf to give a warm welcoming glow in this small space, and a couple other small accessories, like a bowl for your keys. The hooks are cute; if you still wanted to use them here you could hang them under the mirror and above the shelf.
    You could perhaps even find a narrow basket to set on the floor under the shelf, for gloves, slippers, mail, library books, whatever.

  5. Welcome to the boring entryway club!

    I would look for a large mirror to hang over (not above, but covering up) the electric panel. And I'd pick up a shelf to hang right underneath it to act as a landing pad for keys etc. The hooks are cute, definitely work them into your new design!

  6. Just a vote for Holly's idea - that's exactly what I was thinking! And you could totally customize it to be the exact size you need.

    I'd also suggest that, rather than actually a hanging large picture or mirror on the wall, you just set it on the shelf leaning against the wall, like in the BHG article. That way, its super-easy to move whenever you need to access the circuit panel.

  7. I like the idea of the corkboard/chalkboard. Frame it out with some neat frame, cover the corkboard with eye-catching fabric or a nice solid color and hang those hooks below it. you could even go corkboard, floating shelf below then hooks below that.

    As far as by the entry way, try another floating shelf then you have a spot for a lamp and dish for whatnot and hang a mirror or picture over it.

  8. Hi again! Thanks so much for checking out my patio dilemma and for your sweet comments! I had more than one comment on a porch swing so I'm going to put that on my "treasure hunting" list! Thanks again!

  9. The chalkboard idea is cute, or try a large mirror (it will make the entry appear bigger), and put a floating shelve below it. Maybe find a mirror with a large enough wooden frame around it to attach your super cute hooks to it! Good luck. I HATE decorating because I am never happy with what I do.

  10. What about a tall shutter covering the circut box - You can store your mail, have some pictures in a few of the slots- I think I have a picture in my inspiration folder of someone who used this if you would like to see it just let me know and I will email it to you.