Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I woke up this morning feeling ever so blessed.  Yesterday, we had a visitation for my best friends' grandmother and I really didn't want to go by myself.  The hubs had a deadline for a consulting job he's finishing up so he really didn't have the time to drive an hour there and back.  But he knew how much I wanted him to go and he so graciously came along.  He never complained once and was so patient as I chatted for almost 2 hours before leaving.  We didn't get back into town until 7:30 and then we went back to work and worked until 3am to meet the deadline!  The night before he worked until 1:30am.  I thank God for my hubby; he's always so willing to go with whatever flow I throw at him and he never complains.  This morning I made him blueberry muffins, just a little way to show him how much I love him, and to get him going since I know he was beyond exhausted. 
I thank God that I have an amazing, smart and successful husband that puts my needs and wants before his. He works so hard and has accomplished so much.  I'm so proud of him.  I love you Teddy!
What are you thankful for?!?!
Truly Blessed,


  1. :) Great photos!! Today, I am thankful for percacet. It's drugging T up so he will sleep and not complain about the pain from the surgery. ;)

  2. Great photos and sweet post! Sounds like you have an amazing hubby!

  3. Sweet post! It makes me happy to see other couples who are in love and making sacrifices for one another because if we just watched tv we would think that no one could stay in love or married. Sad world. Love the pics! xoxoxo