Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Deja Vu

So you're probably getting sick of hearing but I have another snow day today (making this a 4-day weekend and we're expecting 10-20 inches again tonight)!! And I won another giveaway, this time from the wonderful Mrs. MFC!  Be sure to visit and check out her blog.  Thank you Mrs. MFC!!! 

But seriously what the heck is going on?!?!
I'm very blessed but not lucky {normally}. 
Y'all are probably ready to slap me bc you're sick of hearing about my luck. 

Good news though, the lovely girls below are currently hosting giveaways so get your tooshies over to their blogs in a jiffy and enter.
The Bon Bon Rose Girls are giving away a $50 gift card from the Vintage Pearl
Short Southern Mama is giving away a super cute stationary and a tote bag from Lydia & Pugs
Amanda at Serenity Now is giving away a custom design button from Designer Blogs
Imperfectly Beautiful is giving away a bunch of Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products

I noticed that LOTS of you won giveaways from Blooming on Bainbridge's week of pink giveaways. 

Thanks to the super sweet Short Southern Mama for passing along the Blogger BFF award to me!  You're so very thoughtful.  (P.S. - I'm loving the new look, SSM!)

I'm passing the love onto

Here's a quick pic of my tote bag I finished last week from sewing class.  The inside is the same print as the pocket and base. It turned out pretty well minus a few misaligned seams.
Hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday! I'm off to bake an apple pie and maybe cook some soup to keep us warm, since apparently I'm a housewife these days.


  1. I felt like I was posting about snow everyday for a while!! And the weather report says we're getting more tonight!! Yuck! I am over this winter business!

  2. we got tons of snow as well last night, but 10-20 inches... eek! just came across your blog and thought it was adorable :)

  3. Cute tote! Thanks for the linky love. :)