Sunday, February 7, 2010


Oh my gosh, they weren't kidding, it was the biggest storm of the year.  Hopefully it is the last storm and we are headed for warmth, sun and sweet summer!  Here in Arlington the snow started Friday morning and didn't stop until last night about 9pm.  We got 23 inches!!  We hunkered down and watched movies and played games. I made a big pot of yummy turkey chili and baked homemade cookies {again}.
Poor hubby is going stir crazy so we're going to attempt to venture out this afternoon to the gym and T. Joe's for some goodies for tonight's game. (Note to self - take pictures!)  Here's to hoping the Saints can pull out a W!  My living room has many a fleur de lis so I thought it was only appropriate to cheer for 'nawlins. 

Kelly shared the video below and it brought me to tears.  It was a great little mini-message since our church is cancelled today.  And she was right, it will bring you to tears.  I thought I'd pass it along since I found it inspiring.

Hope everyone is enjoying the snow and staying warm.  The only good part about this mess is that we haven't lost power.  Hopefully everyone still has heat and electricity!  Although, our Direct TV satellite is out as of this morning.  Thank God for Tivo!  I hope everyone enjoys the snow day!


  1. Be safe in all that snow!

  2. I have no clue what I would do in that much snow! I have some good news though..Your the WINNER of my giveaway!