Monday, February 22, 2010

Success but Exhausted

This weekend was absolutely exhausting and didn't even feel like a weekend but it was quite successful and beautiful might I add (63 degrees in RIC yesterday)! I headed to Charlottesville for the weekend to my parent's house.  It was "wedding weekend", or in other words, stuffing, sealing and stamping my sister's save the dates.  Sunday we headed to another one of my favorite places, RIC, to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses.  And a success it was!  We found this beauty from Jim Hjelm that I love!
Now all that is left is to find super cute purple pumps and jewelry. 

I'm seriously fatigued so while I catch some zzzz's I'm going to leave you with a fabulous giveaway from my dear friend Jessica at Kitchen Belleicious. And the girl can cook so be sure to check out her recipes.  She's the saving grace behind my chocolate chip cookies!!

Here's to a super quick Monday!


  1. Love the dress!!!

  2. Hi! Glad I found your blog!! I don't know of a website to order those shoes - I bought them at a gift shop in my hometown and unfortunately they don't have a website....sorry!! I've seen other little ones wearin them (they make them for boys and girls) so I'm sure you could find them at a specialty store?? Sorry I'm no help!!

  3. Love that dress! What lucky bridesmaids!